ODBC Socket Server II Client for PHP

This is going to take the database world by storm.

No longer will your web application be tied to a clunky old IIS on a battered and abused Windows box just because you are using MS-SQL or Access (Or any other Windows Only Database) for your backend data.

Now you can choose the best database for your application (Or use the database that your corporate systems are already using), while putting your internet-facing web-applications on a virus-proof Unix or Linux server. Laugh in the face of CodeRed clones. Forget Nimda. No more hack-attacks in the middle of the night. Sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that your database is securely separated from the world, while still providing a sound basis for your web-enabled business.

There is not much here right now.

I am working on getting an initial release of the odbcsock module out, and posibily a Pure-PHP "proof of concept" release. Watch this space for developments :)

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